Kuzma Eszter Júlia


In the art of Eszter Julia Kuzma,we can observe the interconnection of the ancient symbols and our digital world. Her works are mostly concerned with the triad of nature-transcendence-virtuality, which she explores through the variable use of media. Her themes are often related to mysticism, myths, various religious traditions and rituals, which are translated into interactive installations and objects. In her work, the emotional draining of the artworks in the recipient is given priority over a step-by-step exploration of rationality.

The comparison of the practices and teachings of different religions plays an important role in her thought patterns. Kuzma’s work explores how the same symbols retain their original ancient meanings in very different religious traditions. In many cases, she incorporates distinctive elements of Eastern mysticism and Western Christianity and then points out the parallels between them, reconciling them. The incorporation of a Zen approach into her work is of paramount importance to her, and as a result she places great emphasis on participatory approaches.

Events and Exhibitions